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Magazin Royale- Wonderful selection of fine quality European swords and daggers, with an emphasis on the Napoleonic era including wheellock, flintlock and percussion pistols and rifles. Often provenanced to the finest worldwide collections.

J and J Military Antiques- Great dealer of European and American arms and armor.

Oriental Arms- One of the best dealers for antique Islamic and Oriental arms and armor online. The best online reference of items available anywhere.

Lionsgate Arms and Armor- A wonderful site with an excellent European and Japanese selection. Also some great oddities in the antiques/objets d'art section.

Korean Art and Antiques-  The best source for fine quality Korean art, antiques and arms and armor. A most knowledgeable dealer with rock solid integrity.

Historical Arms and Armor- A great site with the best photography on the web. A fine emphasis on European items, particularly Scottish items. 

Horst Held- Fine antique firearms from around the world. Some truly investment quality pieces.

Eriks Edge- A great selection of excellent tribal arms focusing on Oceanic, Polynesian, Indonesian, Moro, Philippine, and African swords, clubs and shield.  Also a great section on tribal art with a variety of pieces from all over the world. First-rate photography.

Antieke Wapens- A fine Dutch site with numerous and interesting Western European arms.

P and K Military Antiques- A fine selection of American and European militaria from the late 19th C- WWII.

Ari-Antiques -  Investments in Art, Islamic and Russian Antiques