Item: is887

18th C. Afghan North Indian Pulwar


  • Period 18th century
  • Culture North India/Afghanistan
  • Materials Iron
  • Overall length 36"
  • Blade 30"


A classic example of an 18th C. Afghan or North Indian pulwar.

The pulwar is the national sword of Afghanistan and displays a number of features showing the influences of Timurid period Iran and the early Mughal Empire period. This can be seen through the fluted spherical pommel and the dragon head quillons, indicative of the early Persian influence.

The hilt of this example is composed of fine crystalline wootz, with a distinctly chiseled handguard with a copper inset hidden among a screen of chiseled iron. The pommel is very finely formed with a chiseled brass lanyard ring matching the chiseled decoration of the rest of the hilt.

The blade is a deeply curved fighting blade finely fullered of a distinct tulwar style, but with a dimpled and recessed forte indicative of higher quality workmanship, and with a stamped makers cartouche. The blade is a composed of layered steel, or damascus, which is visible throughout the blade and at the forte as well.