Item: id1047

17th C. Indian Hindu Khanjar, with chiseled Trisula hilt and wootz blade



    A fine example of a 17th C. Indian chilanum khanjar of an early style. The examples dates to the1670. The hilt has finely designedbranching arms, chiseled palmettes and a rhomboid center block.<span style=line-height: 1.6em;The hilt also bears unusual, unique pierced motifs of a trisula often associated and found on Hindu and Sikh weapons, sometimes in the form of a stamp on a blade and more rarely chiseled and pierced through. The grip is coverered indelicate gold koftgari in floral designs which cover most of the surface, including the pierced and fretted guard and the reinforces at the forte.

    The blade is made from very high quality kara taban black wootzwootz in the classic recurved formand has acentral ridge to either side and a pronounced armor piercing tip.

    Overall 15 ½ inches, blade 10 ½ inches