Item: is917

18th C. Afghan or North Indian Pulwar Pulouar Sword with Persian Kara Taban wootz shamshir blade



    One of best example of an Afghan or North Indian pulwar Pulouar Swordwe've had. This example is made with a large heavywatered steel handle of exceptional quality and workmanship, the watered pattern can be seen on the pommel disc and mirrors the watering of the blade with exceptional quality. The hilt is chiseled and formed with exceptional care and quality workmanship.

    The blade is a large and heavy Persian wootz shamshir blade displaying a rich watered wootz pattern throughout and a darkened and hardened edge typical of the best earlier Persian wootz blade. The darkness of the pattern suggests that it is of Kara Taban wootz. A few very minor nicks, less than 1mm, and some pinpoint spots of pitting but otherwise in very fine condition.

    At the ricasso there are the remains of an old inlaid makers mark which are now unfortunately quite faint. Judging by the quality of the blade and the handle the example can be dated to the 18th C.

    Overall length is 38,blade is 33.