Item: a396

99% Condition American Ames Chicopee 1840s Officer Sword



    This is the beautifully designed sword that is known to collectors as the "Knights pommel" militia officer sword. The style swords were very popular during the 1850s. This one has the full-length 31 1/2 each double edged blade with the original factory etching still visible on each side. The action is light but you can see it on both sides. On the front side it has the union Eagle with the small "E Pluribus Unum" Latin motto of the United States which roughly translates "Of Many, One".

    On each side it has the etching and engraving panels that measures 19 inches. At the base of the back of the blade it has the engraved makers Mark of the famous Ames manufacturing company of Chicopee, Massachusetts still clearly visible. Ames was the premier edged weapons maker in the United States during the 1800s. The cross guard of the sword is beautifully made of brass with the floral and geometric patterns. This is the style sword that has the double chain design instead of the usual solid hand guard. Both strands of the original chain are intact and accounted for.

    The handle of the sword has a gorgeous look all over that is centered around the mother-of-pearl panels on each side. The original double twist brass wire is still intact as well. The very top of the sword is capped off by the cast brass pommel that is designed like the Knight's head of a suit of armor. The sword is accompanied by the original all brass scabbard, which is also marked Ames as well as the blade.

    Overall length is 38", blade is 31"