Item: ia1072

Antique 18th -19th C. Ottoman Turkish Dervish Faqir's Crutch with hidden dagger



    An interesting and uncommon item. This is an antique Ottoman Turkish dervich crutch. Made entirely of metal and formed with two downsweptcurved pointsat either end, the head of this example is decorated with gold koftgari in the Ottoman style. The haft is iron and gilded at the base, with a small hole for what was likely a strap to the item. The head actually goes into the haft with a long trianglar cross sectioned hidden dagger which is secured through a pin that screws through the haft and into a small indentation in the top of the blade. The pin likely has lost some of the length as the blade is secure in the haft but slightly shaky.

    Overall length is 21, length of the head is 8.