Item: cs1143

Antique 19th c. Chinese Qing Dynasty Laminated Damascus Peidao Sword Saber



    A fine example of a 19th C. Qing Dynasty Chinese officers peidao sword. This example has very fine and pleasing fullersrunning the length of the blade withfullering reminiscent of MiddleEastern sabers and likely adopted through Persian trade influence in Western China. Blade has a thick spine and displays a vivid laminated Chinese damascus pattern. This is also visible along the spine where the laminations of the iron can be seen as straight lines running the length of the spine.

    The handle wrap is peculiar style of multi color green and blue and is known style of wrapping, as can be seen on swords in the Palace Collection where Imperial swords had wrapping of thin thread similar to this. The fittings are finely all pierced and chiseled brass. The chape appears to be chiseled copper and is likely a period replacement of correct type and form. The scabbard is tinted green rayskin of pleasing coloration and design.

    Overall the sword has a heavy fighting blade of rare Chinees laminated damascus visile all throughout with a fine fullering design.

    Overall length is 33, blade is 26.

    <span style=font-size: 16px;<span style=font-family: georgia, serif;<span style=line-height: 1.6em;References: Military Sabres of the Qing Dynasty P. Tom