Item: jd1050

Antique Japanese Muromachi Period 16th C. Tanto Dagger with NBTHK Papers for Osafune Kiyomitsu



    A fine example of a large Muromachi period 16th C. Japanese tanto in aikuchi mounts. The scabbard is mounted in patterned and checkerboard shark skin; with a copper multi metal kozuka; blade has a straight tempering line with a wide single groove.

    The tanto has it's original Kicho NBTHK papers attributing the tanto to Osafune Kiyomitsu.

    The Kiyomitsu group of smiths date to the mid 16th C. and are known for their suguha or straight temper lines, such as this tanto is forged with. Sword maker Kiyomitsu in Bizen Osafune is one of the most distinguished sword makers, of the same ranks as Katsumitsuand Tadamitsu.Among the Kiyomitsu group several smiths with the names of Goro Saemonnojo and Mago Uemonnojo.

    Overall length is 17, blade length is 11.