Item: is1027

Excellent 18th C. South Indian Deccani Gupti Sword Cane



    A very fine example of an 18th C. or possibly earlier sword stick of fine large proportions and excellent quality. The handle is chiseled in the form of a makara demon head of very fine detail. The blade is a 17th C. European rapier blade as the best examples of these types are normally mounted with.

    Both the scabbard and handle are made of a form of brass andboth scabbard and handle are original to each other and have been together since the original construction, as can be seen by the equivalent width at the top of the scabbard and bottom of the handle. The handle screws into the scabbard, though now a bit loosely, through the old method of Indian screw construction. Awire on the inside of the scabbard functioning as the thread for the handle which is carved in the form of the thread.

    A fine and pleasing specimen and a key addition to any kunstkammer of Indian arms and armor.

    The overall length is 40 with a blade of 33