Item: cs1051

Exceptionally Rare 18th C. Korean Choson or Joseon General's or Prince Sword Byeolwungeom or Nokchiljang wungeom



    A beautiful Korean sword dating to the 18th or early 19th C. This example is of typical Korean royal construction and features aesthetic features that indicate the high level of manufacture and ownership of the sword. The scabbard is mounted with a hanging feature in the Korean style which has carved chiseled reptiles or lizards for the notch that fits into the crossguard. The bottom fitting of the scabbard has empty sockets where there were likely precious stones inlaid, similarly as can be seen on some Choson period Korean Buddha statues, a very rare design feature.

    The blade is chiseled with inscriptions and has a hamon line throughout indicating Korean forging. A very rare sword.