Item: ia1003

Exceptionally Rare 18th C. Mughal Indian Combination Axe and Flintlock Pistols published 1972 Gordon H. Frost Blades and Barrels



    It's rare to be able to offer example of published provenance and such fine desing. A combination axe and pistol this Mughal axe is fine heavy weight, all iron, chiseled with fine detailing on the axehead which follows the design of an axe found in the Metropolitan Museum, with trapezoidal shape blade finely chiseled with bird designs at the extemitiies, which likely held stones, rubies or sapphires at some point.

    The pieces comes apart into four section, pistols barrel, axehead, haft, and has a concealed dagger that screws into the haft. All iron parts are finely made, and were clearly made for this construction. The all iron decoration makes this an earlier example to others which can be found with silver overlay and which are of a late date.

    This exampled is published Gordon H. Frost's Blades and Barrels, page 191-192 and formerly of the Keith Neal collection.

    The arm measures 23-1/2” overall, the barrel portion is 4-1/4” with cannon type turn muzzle in approx 52 cal smooth bore.