Item: cs1215

Exceptionally rare 18th C. Thai Long Sword Hua Daab Ayutthaya Period



    We are happy to offer a rare 18th C.<span class=gmail- m_-1274232114563566970gmail-ilThaiDarb sword of exceptional quality and interest. Dating from the Ayuthayya period, this long darb sword is the longest we've seen in private and museum collections, and is in matching en suite black lacquered dress with much of the gold lacquered paint remaining.

    The blade is of exceptional quality and geometry showing a very fine hardened edge running the entire length of 37 with an exceptionally thick spine of 1/2 width. The blade is 1 1/2 wide at the widest point. The spine of the blade tapers<span style=color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: sans-serif, arial, verdana, "trebuchet ms"; font-size: 13px;in a way that shows that the smith was a master worker as the proportions of the length to width and the cross section would show a uniform taper of diamond form all the way to the tip.

    The tip of the blade is up swept in the manner of Thai swords call. Really quite exceptional.

    The dress is black lacquered timber. Much of the gold on the grip has been rubbed off with some remaining at the pommel end, while the scabbard retains much of the fine gold painted flame designs. The scabbard is composed of two pieces of wood which were sealed and bound in the thick black lacquer. There is some splitting for around 6 near the top of the scabbard where the blade goes in, but the scabbard is otherwise remains in good condition and is tight with no shaking. Overall length is 56 and 1 3/4 at the widest point of the scabbard. Blade is 37 in length. Handle is 16 and 1 in diameter.