Item: is1155

Exquisite 18th C. Mughal Indian Tulwar Sword with chiseled and serrated watered steel wootz blade



    One of the finer works of Indian iron workmanship that we've encountered in some time, this tulwar has very fine and pleasing lines with a robust and exquistely watered blade, with a visible pattern throughout or rich kara taban black wootz. The pattern is consistent and visible the entire length on both sides with whorls and swirls of the finest Persian wootz.

    The blade is one of few that we've seen in wootz with serration of this type, and on the spine, the entire length of the blade offset chiseling, such that each half hemisphere chiseling is offset to keep the integrity and strength of the blade intact. The serration is even but was obviously done by hand and the blade is extremely sharp, with almost no loss of the points. Most blades with serrations were often modified long after the sword was constructed but this very fine Persian wootz blade was made this way originally, which can be seen that the serrations and the spine chiselling extends far past the grip and directly into the original Indian resinous setting.

    The handle is a fine North Indian style tulwar handle entirely damascened in fine gold koftgari of rich and thick early design.

    A large and lavish sword for the collector and for those interested in sculptural artifacts.

    Overall length is 38 1/2, blade is 33 1/2.