Item: es1147

17th C. Dutch or Flemish Rapier Sword, early chiseled en suite silver hilt



    A fine example of a 17th C. Dutch silver hilted artillery officers rapier. The hilt fittings are entirely chiseled in silver with various images including portraits of classical figures and 17th C. Dutch officers. The uniforms and hairstyles generally reflect the mid to late 17th style.In addition,sculptured dogs' heads appear at various points; from their mouths spring pas d'âne and knuckle guard, quillon); the arrangement and perspective of these figures is extraordinarily adapted to the narrow metal. Grip round, untapered, of basket- woven bands of parallel copper or silvered copper wire, the surface compressed by depressions on each side of the flattened grip.

    Blade narrow, two-edged, ovoid, becoming hexagonal in basal portion, which is deeply grooved. Inscription: right, EN TOLEDO; left, EN TOLEDO. With two armorers marks on either side of the blade consisting of anchor shaped impressions.

    Overall length is 40 1/2. Blade is 33 1/2.