Item: ia1095

Fine 17th C. Indian Mughal Chainmail Armored Shirt Zirah Baghtar, marked to Anup Singh, Governor of Adoni in the Deccan1689-1698



    A fine example of a Zirah Baghtar (or jawshan, zirh gomlak, yushman)or a Mughal chain and plate shirt, this example is in superb condition with all of the plates in original untouched condition and was modified to include four sets of brass and ruby inlaid top closures pieces which slide in through the rings, a very interesting style we have not seen before, and possibly of Oudh or Sindh origin judging by the chiseled brass work characteristic of Oudh/Sindhi armors. The plates on this example are marked Dervish Sahib and Anup Singh in Rajasthani Gurmukhi script and are likely the name of the owner and the inventory marks for when these were taken at the Battle of Adoni and stored in the Bikaneer Armory.

    A fine and heavy example of sculptural form, the Mughal vambrace bazu band of contemporary 17th C. date is available for sale seperately.

    Weighsroughly 30lbs.