Item: is1240

17th C. Bikaner Rajput Talwar Sword


  • Period 17th century
  • Culture India- Rajput Kingdoms
  • Materials Iron
  • Overall length 35"
  • Blade: 30"


This classic all iron tulwar displays the early lines and proportions of the arms found in the Junagarh (जुनाग्दक़िला) Fort Museum, in Bikaner. These early fighting tulwars would have been used by the Mahratta warriors of the Deccan and the Rajput kingdoms further north.

The blade is a heavy wootz specimen, profusely marked with Bikaner dot and punch markings. The fattened swell in the grip is indicative of a number of similar tulwars, of similar all iron construction, and generally dating to an earlier period, likely 17th C.

In addition, this example can be attributed to an earlier period by the crossguard cap ends terminating in a conical point. Later examples are generally rounded.

The blade on this example displays a profusion of chiseled markings including the dot marks of the Bikaneer armory and also an inscription in Urdu along the spine. The blade is single edged and has a scarf weld at the base as is appropriate for the armory examples which were used in battle. The last third of the blade is a false edge.