Item: is1151

Fine 18th C. Indian Hindu Mahratta Patissa Tulwar Sword with wootz blade and presentation inscription



    An uncommon sword, this Indian sword can be confidently attributed to an original Hindu owner. The fine overall condition and quality indicate someone of high stature owning the sword and wanting a distinctly Hindu form, with a Hindi inscription, a patissa form blade, and re-inforcing strips most often found on Mahratta swords.

    The hilt is a classic North Indian tulwar hilt but of distinct stockier shape with downward curving quillons and fine quality vegetal koftgari of thicker and earlier quality. The underside of the pommel has a long inscription in Hindi along the circumference of the pommel.

    The blade is the distinct rounded patissa shape but uncommonly reinforced on the top and bottom. The blade display a rich wootz pattern throughout with several duller spots near the inside where the reinforcing strips are. The blade is still very sharp.

    The scabbard is completely original and displays the old green worn velvet.

    Overall length is 34, blade is 29 and 1 1/4 wide.