Item: ia1232

Fine 18th C. Indian Mughal Lacquered Dhal Shield of Siege weight and thickness



    A very fine Indian dhal shield, dating to the mid 18th century of exceptional quality. While this shield has no decoration other than the finely propotioned copper bosses now with a rich reddish patina, the thick black lacquer betrays its early manufacture as these types of shields can be seen in early Mughal miniatures where the shiny lacquered surface would contrast with the mutli colored gowns and accoutrement of the Mughal court.

    The quality and workmanship of this example is finer than we've seen on comparable shields and the weight and thickness indicate that this would have been a shield made to use in battle. Only a few losses to the lacquer around the rim, and with two old holes for mounting at the very top which do not detract from it's appearance.

    22 diamater, 4.2 lbs weight, nearly 1/2'thick.