Item: is895

Fine 18th C. Indian Mughal Tulwar with wootz hilt and blade chiseled with gold inscriptions



    A very fine 18thC. antique Mughal tulwar or tegha ofstrong form with a heavy hilt and blade both composed of very fine watered steel or wootz likley dating to the 17th C.. The hilt has a vivid pattern present and visible throughout on the handle and the pommel as well of vivid Persian kara taban style wootz. The blade is composed of fine wootz with an Indian block ricasso.

    The blade is heavy chiseled in relief with gold koftgari overlaid on the inscriptions in Arabic caligraphy and likely invocations to Ali in the cartouche with an inscription from a sura on the obverse side. The blade is in beautiful original polish which displays vividly. The scabbard is timber covered in fine red velvet of typical form.

    Overall this type of sword is in mid-way form wise between a tulwar and a tegha consideringthe heavy and thick blade.

    Overall length is 32.5: