Item: is1130

18th C. Mughal Cavalry Horseman's Tulwar Sword Saber


  • Period 18th century
  • Culture Mughal India
  • Materials Iron, Wood, Velvet
  • Overall length 40"
  • Blade 33"


A large example of an early figthing Mughal Indian cavalry tulwar with a canted hilt and Lahori style trefoil crossguard, grip chiseled in iron and overlaid with gold koftgari.

This example has been untouched and comes out of a collection of items collected in the early to mid 20th C. The blade of this example is a fine type of Indian blade and retains the original polishers marks at the base of the blase, of crosses and x (See Elgood's Arms of Jaipur for a comparison tulwar with similar polisher's marks at the base). This indicates the blade has been untouched and is made of Indian damascus, which is visible throughout the blade.

Condition is excellent, with almost no losses to grip gold, scabbard velvet now finely aged with the original silver chiseled fish form chape (another indication of Lahori work), and blade in original polish.