Item: rf937

19th C. Georgian Caucasian Miquelet Blunderbuss


  • Period 1st quarter 19th century
  • Culture Georgia, Tiflis
  • Materials Iron, wood, mother of pearl, brass
  • Overall length 20"


This rare miquelet firearm is distinct form of a Caucasian blunderbuss, likely made in Tbilisi, Georgia circa 1840. The select hardwood stock with an active flame grain with the characteristically separately-applied forearm is inlaid overall with notched mother of pearl rhombuses and fine khattam-work rosettes, composed of green-stained bone, horn, and brass in geometrical patterns, as well as brass studs.

The fine, Caucasian lock is inlaid overall with scrolling motifs in gold showing minor wear while the barrel with the typical expanded muzzle is forged of damascus steel. The deeply chiseled cartouches along the barrel, are done in a characteristic Georgain style, found on kindjals of the period, and reflecting the Persian influence found in Georgian arms and armor. These cartouches containing hunting lions, birds, and flowers. The chiseled cartouches are then matted in the background entirely in sheet gold showing minor losses.