Item: is1127

Fine Antique 19th C. Mughal Indian Presentation Solid Silver Gilt Shamshir Sword Tulwar with wootz blade



    A very fine 19th C. Indian Mughal shamshir, with a solid silver gilt handle in the form of a lions head inlaid with what appears to be smoky quartz and a ruby (glowsbeautifully under a blacklight, indicating an original and early mined stone). The handle is finely chiseled and chased with floral designs with makara head quillons. T<span style=line-height: 1.6em;he original scabbard is mounted with silver ensuite mounts and retains it's original velvet now displaying a few losses.

    The blade is Persian and 18th C. inlaid with a gold cartouche, and displays a fine wootz pattern throughout and a distinct hardened edge as a true fighting blade.

    Overall length is 36, blade is 29.