Item: es1067

Fine Circa 1600 German Pappenheimer Rapier Panzerstecher with Tuck or Estoc Blade



    A rare style of sword from the period of the 30 Years War. This is a pappenheimer hilted tuck or estoc sword. The pappenheimer hilt was popular in the early 17th C. and is usually found with stiff rapier blade. However the blade on this example is a very thick armor piercing estoc blade, very rarely found.

    The tuck normally would becarried hanging from the saddle, and was used as early as the 1320sas an additional side arm for the cavalry. It was used intothe 17th century, especially ineastern Europe (in Poland and Russia the tuck was called konchar, akin to kinzhal, dagger). The tucks were especially suitable for blows aimed between the plates of armor and at opponents protected by mail (hence the German term for the tuck, Panzerstecher, mail- piercing [sword]).

    The pappenheimer hilt is in fine condition, with the original leather on the grip, the cut-out star and spheredecorations on either side of the hilt in finecondition with no losses and of good quality, and tight with no shaking. The stiff spear like blade is has athick triangular cross-section, and has three engraced suns at the base of the blade on each side.

    Overall length is 49, blade is 42.