Item: is881

Fine Indian 19th C. Tulwar with watered steel blade and kirk narduban style pattern



    A fine condition 18th-early 19th C. Indian tulwar with a Rajput style grip and a fine watered steel blade of excellent quality. The grip retains much of the original gilding and gold koftgari. The blade is of very fine watered steel showing in parts a kirk narduban pattern throughout.

    The Rajputs were a group of ruling clansin North, Central and WesternIndia that claimed to be descendents of the ruling Hindu warrior classes of North India. They rose to prominence in the 6th-12th centuries though put spirited resistance to the Mughal invaders along with Mahrattas.Until the 20th century, Rajput ruled the majority of the princely states in Rajasthan and Surashtra.

    This sword is a fine example of a Rajput warrior primary weapon and remains in excellent condition.

    Overall length is 35, blade is 30.