Item: is954

Finest 19th C. North Indian Karud Sword, wootz blade, gold inlaid with silver fittings



    Without question one of the finest examples of a North Indian or Afghan karud sword that we've encountered. Every part of the sword is of the finest quality.

    The sword fits comfortably into the leather and silver mounted scabbard. The scabbard fittings are very finely chased silver with a darkened patina but with the designs clearly visible. The grip is finely aged with a beautiful patina and the metal grip band is of finely patterened Persian wootz. The bolsters display one of the strongest watered patterns I've encounterered in perfect condition.

    The blade is made of finely patterned Indian crystalline wootz with gold inlaid cartouches on either side of I shaped inlays with a heavy inlaid Arabic cartouche.

    Overall length is 31, blade is 23.