Item: ia613

From the collection of Dr. Leo S. Figiel a Rajput tulwar a watered steel wootz blade



    From the renowned collection of Dr. Leo S. Figiel. This example was purchased from a sale of the individual who purchased this and several other items now available on our site, directly from Dr. Figiel. Dr. Figiel, the well known author of “On Damascus Steel”, the classic 1992 reference work featuring stunning examples of watered steel, and much of which came up for sale in 1998. The pieces we feature were purchased and sold before the reference work was published and therefore do not feature in the 1998 Butterfields sale, however each is indicative of the care that Dr. Figiel placed in curating his pieces.

    A fantastic Indian sword, likely from Rajastan, but from the Mughal era when the Rajastanis were rightly feared by the Mughal warriors for their rambunctious spirit and martial feats. This tulwar is absolutely beautiful made with a crystalline wootz blade carved and chiseled with floral designs similar to the tegha on offer, and with a carved cartouche with Arab letters likely denoting the maker or an invocation to Ali. A wonderful example with a velvet mounted well fitted scabbard.

    36 long

    The cartouche appears to read:

    Upper cartouche:O Judge of Needs!

    Lower cartouche:Work of Assad Allah