Item: is616

From the collection of Dr. Leo S. Figiel , Superb 17th C. Mughal Tulwar with kirk narduban laddered watered steel wootz blade



    ROYAL MUGHAL TULWAR (Ex-Figiel Collection)

    17C, Mughal

    From the collection of Dr. Leo S. Figiel (firm provenance provided).

    Blade: Exceptional and substantial watered steel blade. The large size of 33” and the width of 1 ½” allows the extraordinarily crisp kirk narduban pattern to be seen the length of the blade. The blade edge exhibits a parallel arrangement of cementite and pearlite aggregates, as seen in the finest Persian blades (e.g., see Figiel 1991, p. 28-29), strongly indicating this is a Persian blade that was hilted in India.

    Hilt: The hilt is a very fine example of Delhishai style (characterized by bulbous grip, waisted quillons terminating in domes, and triangular langets terminating in stylized buds). The large pommel disc is flat, from which springs a dome, surrounded by a ring of stylized tulips, terminating in a mogra with a hole for the wrist strap.

    The hilt has gold koftgari vines and flowers applied all over.

    The blade spine, at the root, has apparent armory markings in Devanagari (६६५ ग) that likely translates to “665 Ga”

    There are 2 cartouches, applied in thick koftgari:

    Upper cartouche:O ‘Ali! (Terminating in the Imperial parasol mark)

    Lower cartouche: AllahHazrat (meaning Honored One, referring to Ali)

    Scabbard: Later green velvet-mounted

    Dimensions: Blade (linear length): 33” OAL: 37.5” Item on Consignment