Item: ia1213

Ottoman Empire Turban Helmet from Istanbul Workshop, Turkey, late 15th - mid 16th century



    An original condition Ottoman Empire Turban Helmet likely from an Istanbul Armour Workshop or an Ak-Koyonlu workshop, Turkeylate 15- mid 16century, in the Turkoman style.

    Iron steel single bowl construction with 16 straight flutes terminating with the octagonal and round spike at the top. The rim of the bowl is pieced with 30 holes for vervelles or chainmail (missing). To the right of the nasal guard there is a hole for the aventail plume holder. Throughout all surface one can see visible remnants of the silver decorations that are common tothis type of helmets. Usually inthe Kufic style these inscriptions are praises to Allah and Sultan. The nasal is of the correct form and original to the helmet and has a visible design of what looks like a gold wire which is also a known style of inscription, which in addition to what was likely larger flatter koftgari decoration of Kufic script verses also included thinner gold and silver koftgari. That form of decoration can be found on a helmet in the Metropolitan Museum, <a href=;ft=turban++helmetamp;offset=0amp;rpp=20amp;pos=9AccessionNumber04.3.211.</aand attributed to the Ak-Koyonlu Turks.

    The form of the helmet in the Turban style but without eye cutouts can be found on a helmet attributed to Sultan Bayezif, now currently in the Musee D'Armee, and also is indicative in style of the mid 16th C. cichak style bowls. It is likely that either this example is a rare transitional type in between the Turban style with eye cutouts and a specialized form of aventail securing, and the cichak bowl more indicative of the mid 16th C. The Metropolitan Museum has two examples that demonstrate the wider vertical fluting more common to the cichak form and can be seen <a href=;ft=turkey+helmetamp;offset=0amp;rpp=20amp;pos=6here</aand <a href=;ft=turkey+helmetamp;offset=0amp;rpp=20amp;pos=7here</aandwhich is more closer to this form of vertical fluting than the earlier Turban helmets of the 15th C. with their thinner fluting.

    Condition: Heavy patina and old repairs. There are few old repairs around the bowl as seen on the pictures. Near the top there is a small opening ¼” or about 5mm. The helmet was stored improperly and has rust inside and out though retains its original patina otherwise.

    Height – 10.5”

    Bowl diameter – 9.5”

    Weight – approx. 3 lbs