Item: is1115

Rare 12th-15th C. South Indian Bronze Nayar Sword



    A rare sword, this is a Nair Indian temple sword. These examples have been dated from the 12th-19th C. century and we would date this example to the earlier part of that period, to the 12th-15th C.. Elgood identifies a sword of very similar design and age in Hindu Arms and Ritual and dates his example to the 12th C. This example is in very nice condition for it's age, and is now deeply patinated with verdigris, a fine sign of age. The design is of the scarcer type with a sharply L formed blade, with fullers.

    The crossguard is of Indian antiquity, and the quillons are in the form of cobra heads. A very interesting sword.

    Overall 26, blade is 2 1/2 wide.