Item: cs1193

Rare 16-17th C. Ming Period Chinese Jian Straight Sword



    A very uncommonly early Chinese jian sword with a lamellar blade and plain blackened iron fittings. This jian dates to the Ming period judging by the style of the blade which is thick, heavy but well balanced and with a lenticular cross section.

    The plain blackened iron fittings and the downswept guard are also indications of early construction, and the red lacquered scabbard can be found on other early Ming dynasty period swords.

    The condition is original and untouched throughout, and the blade shows signs of lamellar construction but is untouched and uncleaned, which we'll leave to the next owner.

    A fine battle sword, of overall length 32, blade is 25 1/2 and 1 1/4 wide.