Item: ia940

Rare 16th-17th C. Indian Mughal Bazuband Armguard Vambrace of Persian Safavid form with gold koftgari



    A fine and quite rare example of an early 16th C.-17th C.bazuband. This example is formed of chiseled iron of heavy form and design with riveted chainmail support two wrist plates and what appears to the original leather straps, now dry. The main plate is formed of chiseled iron with v-shaped scalloped decoration of fine form and represented in numerous museum collections, most notably the Stone Collection at the Metropolitan Museum (see page 108, ex 23 and 24 noted as Mughal 16th - 17th C.) While this example can be attributed to the Mughal Empire due to the workmanship, weight and designthe decoration and workmanship are also known in Safavid and even Zand Persian examples (See Moshtagh, Arms and Armor of Iran).

    This example remains in fine condition with remains of gold koftgari decoration and script running along the rim of the gauntlet and the wrist plates.

    Overall length is 12.