Item: ca1167

Rare 18th C. Thai Narai Hok Spear, with original scabbard. Ayutthayan Period.


    A rare Thai narai hok foot soldiers spear, though this example likely was carried by an officer judging by the decoration at the spear collar and the crossguard. The iron spearhead is in original condition and appears to be laminated and of traditional spatulate form with a square cross section at the base. The shaft is in exceptional condition and most unusually is made of a finely patinated brass or copper mix. The spearhead collar is likewise crafted from brass or copper and chiseled with Thai flame motifs.

    Most exceptional is the original matching brass scabbard of material similar to the rest of the spear and entirely original. It is missing the internal wood lining so is somewhat loose over the iron spearhead and in addition the finial is a bit loose as well. Both can be easily remedied but we leave that to the new owner.

    Overall length is 81. Spearhead is 16 in length.