Item: cs1188

Chinese Tiger Hook Sword Shuang Gou


  • Period 19th century
  • Culture China
  • Materials Iron, Silk
  • Overall length 37"


A rare example of an original fighting Chinese tiger hook sword of the early 19th C. These were known as qian kun ri yue dao or liiterally Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon sword. They had four components:

The back, which is often used as a regular sword. The hook, which is used to trip enemies, catch weapons and for slashing. The end of the hilt, which is sharpened. The crescent guard, which is used for blocking, trapping and slashing.

This example, unlike most examples, is an original fighting example with a lenticular cross section blade composed of layered steel. The crescent blade is also of lamellar construction as can be seen in the images. It is rare to find an example of this type of sword made of true Chinese damascus lamellar construction.

The grip is covered in a patterned silk of the late 19th C.  Overall, a well made fighting example of a tiger hook sword, which are often found as just decorative examples for martial artists. This example is very sharp and the iron is beautiful forged.