Item: cs661

Rare WWII period Korean sword



    A very rare and uncommon Korean sword from the 1930-WWII period. This was likely a Korean partisans sword, composed of Japanese parts but mounted in a very Korean style with many Korean symbols and embellishments. Really an interesting piece.

    The blade is well-forged with traces of temperline; there is a visible kizuat the spine on one side. Habaki is copper, guard is brass as are the menuki,while the fuchi is iron or shakudo with a little gold inlay; it was made withouta kashira. The seppa are brass, with one carved from horn.The scabbard is black-lacquered wood; it and the tsuka are delicately bound with linen,using a style of wrapping which is subtlely distinct from the Japanese. These areelaborately decorated with yinyang motifs and numerous tiny inscriptions, together with atree at the distal end. The scabbard shows embellishments in yellow at the center on either sidecomposed of yinyang signs and characters.

    Condition is untouched, excellent original condition with light wear from use.

    Overall length is 31.5, blade is 21.5 in length.