Item: es1009

Superb 19th C. Ottoman European Shamshir Sword with agate grip and inlaid gemstones of garnet and turquoise



    A fine 19th C. sword in the Imperial Ottoman style. Possibly of French or Eastern European origin. This is a fine large sword, tight and in superb original condition. The grip is made of two cloudy agate grips scales, faceted in the Ottoman 18th-19th C. manner, and inlaid with brass gilt brass settings with turqoise stone. The crossguard is finely crafted of chiseled gilded brass and inlaid with garnets and turquoise stones, ensuite with the scabbard, also mounted in brass with inset stones, now missing one of the hanging rings.

    The blade is finely made of damascus steel with a vivid and rich pattern throughout the blade, which retains its sharp edge.

    Overall length is 37, blade is 31.