Item: ia1013

Superb 19th C. Persian Woozt Tabar Axe with inlaid pearls and garnet stones



    A very fine Persian axe dating to the early to mid 19th c. The large, crescent-shaped head is forged of Persian Karakhorassan black wootz damascus steel, with finely chiseled Arabic inscriptions to each side, the block worked with a birds, the surmount with further Arabic inscription.

    The end mounts areembossed with flowers in diaper patterns, while thegrip and finial are wrought of silver, grip with profiles of six princes engraved among flowering vines, the cap engraved in a spiral motif and set with four garnets, surmounted by a large finial set with four freshwater pearls and a clear glass terminal. By tradition, presented by the Sultan of Muscat and Oman to Sa'udi Sheykh Faisal ibn Turki (1843-1865,) the four garnets and pearls representing the four rulers of the first Sa'ud state (Muhammad ibn Sa'ud [1726-1744,] Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Sa'ud [1765-1803,] Sa'ud ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Sa'ud [1803-1814,] and Abdullah ibn Sa'ud [1814-1818,]) and the six princes referring to the six sons of Abraham, recorded in Genesis 25:1-4. Overall length 27 with the axehead nearly 8 in length.