Item: if889

Indian Sindh Hunting Musket with Makara muzzle


  • Period 1st quarter 19th century
  • Culture North India
  • Materials Wood, iron
  • Overall length 62"
  • Barrel length 47"


A fine early 19th C. Sind rifle with a fully chiseled heavy iron barrel with designs of hunting and animals throughout. The heavy stock is made of black wood, possibly ebony, and is of exceptional quality. The lock is a native made percussion lock in the style of an early 19th C. English percussion lock. Several capucins are missing but the remaining silver wire capucins are of fine quality.

The heavy barrel is finely chiseled with elephants, deers, tigers, and other animals and with hunters firing at them. These designs are reminiscent of shikargar hunting swords. The barrel terminates in a finely chiseled iron makara head. It is rare to find entirely chiseled barrels of this form, and mounted on the distinct Sindhi style gun.

This rifle was purchased from the armory of the Maharajah of Jaipur in the 1960s and was in a German collection until the mid-2000s.