Item: ia994

Superb Mughal Chainmail Iron and Brass pattern shirt with original cloth textile with poppy designs



    A very fine example of an 18th -early 19th C. Indian Mughal chainmail shirt in fine original condition, with a few later brass link repairs. The shirt is made of both brass and iron butted links with the original thick textile neck protector. This is a rare find as the textile has survived fully intact with the original green velvet lining and only some fading on the outer silk poppy design. The sleeves are cut in three-quarters length with v-shaped cuffs. Especially fine and interesting are the chainmail clasps that fit into the front of the shirt to keep it together, these are made of brass with ruby or garnet inlays and chiseled in the classical Mughal shape. The chest would fit a 38-40 regular and would make a superb mannekin display with a khulah khud, bazuband or vambrace, katar, tulwar, and dhal shield.

    Shirt comes with mannequin display on glass stand, if the buyer desires.