Item: is1205

Very fine 19th C. Mughal Indian Shamshir Sword, gilded brass, wootz blade with gold inlaid cartouche



    A very fine 19th C. Indian shamshir sword with gilded brass mounts decorated in a baroque European influenced manner, with floral designs and a cavalry style mounting. The d-guard grip is in excellent condition with few losses and much of the gilding remaining.

    The blade is beautifully crafted of fine Persian wootz, with a fuller running along the length and inlaid in gold with an interesting cartouche, undeciphered at this time. The scabbard is mounted with ensuite fittings, with leather over timber. The gilded copper bottom fitting points to the Deccan or South India and it is possible that this sword is from the Pondicherry region where the French influence may have inspired this Napoleonic style design.

    Overall length is 35, blade is 30.