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We are always seeking to acquire new items and are willing to pay a fair price negotiated with you. We particularly seek out Indo-Persian, Mughal Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Caucasian, American, European, Asian, Sri Lankan, Korean, and South Seas or Polynesian artifacts.

1.Please send us pictures by email to or upload your pictures into our convenient form.

2.Let us know how much you would like to receive for your item. Whatever the price we agree on, rest assured that we will work with you to come to an equitable solution.

3.If we accept your offer, or you accept our counter-offer, then we ask that you ship the item to us for a three day inspection period, beginning from the time of delivery. Almost always we are already certain of the purchase and will not return the item. We are professionals and our integrity is based on our word and expertise. However, in the unlikely event that we receive something that is different from that shown in the images provided or as described we reserve the right to return the item at our expense.